Tomasz Gudzowaty “Closer”

Book DesignPrint

Softcover in slipcase
Size: 370 x 290 mm
256 Pages
Client: Tomasz Gudzowaty, Steidl


Tomasz Gudzowaty became established as a wildlife documentary photographer in 1999. He won the first of his World Press Photo awards in the nature category with a remarkable image of two cheetah cubs just about to take down their first prey. He has since traveled through-out sub-Saharan Africa, amassing thousands of images of many wild species. In 2008 Gudzowaty documented a remote emperor penguin colony in the Weddell Sea. He continued this project on South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands. „Closer” captures Gudzowaty’s passion and deep knowledge of his subject: keenly observing both general patterns and minute details, he brings the viewer closer to nature’s inner workings and beauty.